My work is made entirely of wool I have felted and dyed by hand. Making all of my own materials is an important part of my artistic process because it allows me to have a hand in every aspect of creating my art from start to finish. The unpredictability involved always yields unique and interesting results. Oftentimes holes, irregular edges and sizes, and interesting variations in color and texture occur. I never get the same shape or color twice, making each piece of felt I create totally one of a kind. I use the materials to inspire me and guide my decision making process about the art I create with it. Through the of use of techniques such as stitching, quilting, applique, and reverse applique I turn what was once just plain white wool into colorful and dynamic abstract landscapes.

I am inspired by aerial photography, satellite images, and maps. From high above, the details of a place are stripped away leaving only an elegant design of intersecting, overlapping, shapes, colors, and lines. I take thousands of miles of land and turn it into mere inches of felt and stitching, providing a unique overview of an expansive space that cannot adequately be seen and understood from the ground. I am particularly interested in representing landscapes where natural and man-made environments intersect and have a compelling influence on each other. I often use as inspiration places that have been affected by climate change, natural disasters, and human use. My intent is to create a simplified and thought provoking way to view land, our impact on it and relationship to it while leaving the work open to interpretation, putting no demands on the viewer to see one particular type of landscape over another.

Taylor Painter-Wolfe, 2017